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Well-established studies document the beneficial effects of petting and interacting with a gentle dog or cat. Pets & People therapy teams deliver our mission to ease sadness and spread joy, laughter, comfort and warmth in two different ways.

What can you expect from a Pets & People Therapy team? 
  • All our teams strive to ease sadness and spread joy, laughter, comfort and warmth to those they meet

  • Pets & People Therapy Certification

    • Each team has been tested and certified by our evaluator (a certified dog trainer and long time pet therapy provider) for exemplary handling and temperament

    • Pets & People carries Liability Insurance for each certified team.  An "additional insured" rider is available for requesting facilities for nominal fee

    • Up to date rabies vaccine documentation

Pets & People offers two types of visits
from our Therapy teams
Ongoing Community Placement
1 team comes multiple times

These visits generally consist of one team visiting a facility, organization or corporation on a regularly scheduled basis. This can be weekly, biweekly or monthly depending on volunteer team’s availability and facility’s needs. Our volunteers share their pets in visits that average between 45 minutes and one hour

1 time Group Event
Multiple teams come 1 time

Colleges and high schools as well as corporations often request de-stress events to ease anxiety and stress of students, employees, faculty and staff. Pet therapy is often called upon to help ease the pain of bereavement, loss and trauma. Pets & People works with a designated staff member or employee at an institution or corporation to bring a group of Pets & People teams on a specific date to your facility.  

BEFORE Making a

Group Event Request

To ensure a successful event, please read our Group Event Planning Guide. Prior planning is essential.

Please note we require at least 6 weeks notice before your event date to coordinate the visit.

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