Visit Opportunities


This is where the fun begins! 

As a Pets & People Team, you and your pet are ready to get out and bring joy to those in your community! 

Two types of Volunteer Opportunities

for Pets & People Teams 

Community Placement

Recurring visits at community facilities such as nursing homes, assisted living homes, special needs facilities, schools, libraries and hospitals. 

First establish a Recurring Volunteer Placement at a Community Facility

As a Pets & People team, it is your responsibility to coordinate your first visit.


To support your placement, our Director of Volunteers will provide you with contacts at facilities in your community who are actively looking  for pet therapy teams. 


You can also make suggestions of facilities that are not in our database.

Please know, ​we are always here to help if you have any questions.

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Group Events

 De-stress or Wellness events at academic institutions or commercial organizations.

Volunteer at One-time De-stress or Wellness Group Events

In addition to your community placement, you will also be able to sign up for various Group Events through the Pets & People Members Area . These events at colleges or high schools and companies call for several pet teams to come to a one-time event. They are very fun and we welcome you to consider these once you get started.