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Key elements for a successful event:


It is required that you have obtained permission to have Pet Therapy at your location from Administration,Landlord and Risk Management/Legal.  We cannot proceed without this.  Please do not sign up without these in place as we spend considerable time posting and recruiting teams.  When these events are cancelled due to lack of permissions, it is very difficult for us and disappointing to your group!


In addition, an accessible, comfortable open area that will allow at least 6-7 feet between each participating therapy team. This area should be visible but not interfere with foot traffic. Outdoors during good weather is fine BUT a back-up location indoors should be planned. Sitting areas with furniture that can be moved to the perimeter of a room or just off the lobby of a centrally located entrance or meeting area are ideal as there could be as many as 5 to 6 animals and their handlers in the area at one time. When requesting cat therapy teams, kindly provide a slightly separate area to accommodate them.


Providing free parking within easy access to the event site is required. Parking should be not more than a 5 minute walk to the event location. Pets & People requires that the event sponsor cover all costs of parking and provide parking passes to the nearby lots or garages. 

Summer Events will require that there be indoor air conditioned space.  We cannot have our teams out in hot and sunny conditions. 


A designated staff member or employee must be on-site throughout the event. We also request an alternate contact in case of illness or absence.  In addition, we strongly suggest keeping the number of people around a team to 5-8.  This ensures safety for team and enjoyment for those petting the animal.  


It is important to note that Events are very stimulating and tiring for the pets.  Therefore, Events should be kept to 1 - 1.25 hours in length so that the animals do not become overtired. 


For schools, a date and time just prior to the start of the exam or study period when students are generally on campus and not at a major sports or other event works best.  



Remember to promote your event and always be sure to note Pets & People as the certifying Pet Therapy organization  in photos, posters, bulletins, newsletters and social media promoting your event. Please tag Pets & People in social media posts and   place a link to our website at the same time to help us bring traffic to our site.  We can supply you with our logo too. These actions help us recruit more teams!


Pets & People does not charge for most team visits. However, donations are greatly appreciated when possible.  We have been truly touched when facilities show their appreciation of our teams by conducting fundraisers in support of Pets & People! Teams are so excited to hear of this type of acknowledgement of their volunteering with their pet. Please let us know if you wish to consider this and we can help with ideas on how you too can help Pets & People continue our important mission to serve our communities!  

Pets & People PHOTO POLICY

Capturing our teams doing their special work is important in promoting our mission and the important work these teams do in their community.  At the same time, we do respect the privacy of those we visit. When you request an Event, you will be asked if you can or cannot accept the following Pets & People Photo Policy:

"during this Pets & People (P&P) event, you may be photographed and/or videotaped by a P&P representative.  By accepting, you give permission for any photos at your requested event to be used by P&P for business purposes"

Steps for planning a Group Event

  • Be sure to have your proposed event approved by your own administration or management staff AND Landlord before requesting the event through Pets & People. 

  • At least 6 weeks before your desired event date, complete and submit a Pets & People GROUP EVENT Request form . Be sure to have an alternate event date in mind should there be a conflict with other Pets & People events.

  • After submission, you will receive an email to note that we have received your request.  Please be sure to check your SPAM folder if you have not received it.  

  • Due to the high number of event requests we receive, we cannot always respond individually to your request and will only contact you if we have questions about your request. 

  • If you have any questions or wish to inquire on the status of your event, please contact our Director of Volunteers at  Please do not send event queries to our info line unless you do not get a reply back from Director of Volunteers.  If you wish to discuss your event or have specific questions, you can set up a call following the directions email you receive after submission.

  • Following submission, Pets & People will post and circulate news of the event to our membership and request sign-ups. Pets & People maintains a calendar of events. The earlier your Event Request is submitted, the more time that it will be “advertised” to our therapy teams

  • Approximately 1 week before your event, we will send an email to the event coordinator at your facility and all pet therapy teams so you can coordinate last minute details such as parking.

  • As the event date draws closer, be sure to increase the event promotion. Community web portals, intranets, student activities news and events sites and blogs as well as Facebook and Twitter are all excellent avenues to create awareness. Pets & People respectfully requests that our name and logo be present on all promotional materials.

  • Cancellations/last minute changes happen. If weather or other unforeseen factors require that you cancel your event or change the location of your event, please communicate those changes as quickly as possible to the Director of Volunteers. 

  • Liability Insurance: Pets & People carries general liability coverage that protects Pets & People volunteers and board members. A copy of our Certificate of Insurance (COI) coverage is available upon request.

    • This Liability Insurance coverage does NOT extend to those organizations and participants where Pets & People teams visit. If your organization wishes to be added to the policy as a named insured for the Event you can do so by submitting your request to  

    • We will invoice you $100 for the rider.  Please understand we need payment before we can order the rider from our insurance company.

  • Water Bowls: Therapy pets get thirsty while doing their jobs. So, while not essential, having two or three large water bowls nearby for the dogs or having accessibility to water will be greatly appreciated.

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