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Please understand that we are a volunteer organization that strives to bring joy and happiness to as many in our communities as we can and our services are in very high demand but we do want to help if we can!  

 Event Request Form

Be sure to fill in all required fields.  If a field is outlined in red and empty, your form will not be submitted

ALL necessary approvals from Admin/ Management/Landlord to have pets on premise must been obtained before submitting this request.

The Event Planning Guide describes our insurance coverage.  We need at least 4 weeks lead time to order rider.  Your organization will be billed $100 to be paid prior to event. 

 Pets & People Photo Policy: We greatly appreciate the ability to take photos and use them to promote our wonderful work, but we also respect privacy and will refrain from taking photos if necessary.  

Have you considered how to promote this event?  We can provide you with our Logo and QR code for your promotion of our pets 

Make it easy for our volunteers to find your specific location for Event.   Be sure to show links to maps of the area or campus with notes on where to park, where the teams should gather.

Thank you for choosing Pets & People. Your request has been submitted.  You should receive a welcome email very soon. 

Your submission did not go through. Please scroll above and make sure you have completed all mandatory fields. Then click "Submit" again.

If you have any trouble submitting this form, please contact our

Director of Volunteers, Martha McCown at

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