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Are you and your pet ready to bring joy to others?

Step 1  Sign up!

Sign up on this form to begin the process of getting certified as a Pets & People Pet Therapy Team!  When you hit submit, you will be sent an email confirming your submission with contact info for future and you will be on our list of candidates and receive notifications as new seminars and tests are posted.  If you are a current or past Pets & People member or wish to test with a new  pet please click here to contact our Director of Volunteers so she can get you signed up.

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Step 2  Talk to us! 

We find the best way to connect with new candidates is by actually talking to you!  Our Director of Volunteers wants to meet you, learn about your pet and your interest in becoming certified. She will introduce you to our wonderful organization and help direct you through our certification process.  Who doesn't like a helping hand at times?  Sign up for a brief phone call here.

Step 3  Sign up for a Pet Therapy Seminar! 

Our 90 minute seminar is conducted by our Evaluator.  During this seminar, you and your dog (along with other teams) will be taken through the many steps of the test and get to experience first hand what the test entails.  We require this seminar prior to testing because we have found that those who attend the seminar are much more likely to pass the actual test. You will learn what areas you shine at and what areas, if any, you need to polish up. The end result will be ease and confidence coming into the actual test.  Sign up for an Upcoming Seminar after completing steps 1 and 2.

Step 4  Sign up for a Pet Therapy Test! 

Upon completion of your Pet Therapy Seminar, you will be sent a link to sign up for your Pet Therapy Test. You will sign up for a 30 minute test slot.  It is important to be on time for this test as we will have several teams testing on that same day.  You will each be given your own time slot. Be sure to give yourself ample time to reach the test location and be able to enter the test calmly and at ease.   

 Passed the test?

Congratulations, you and your pet are a Pets & People Team!

Once you are one of the Pets & People team, you will gain access to a wealth of member benefits and

opportunities to bring joy to others!

We have a wonderful group of caring and active members, board and administrative staff.  We are here for you as you navigate your visits or if you have any concerns or questions. We have vast array of facilities and events to choose from or you can propose your own ideas too.


We are excited to help you on your journey to Pet Therapy Certification with us!

We truly cannot think of more enjoyable way to volunteer!  

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