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Our Mission

To touch people’s lives in a positive way and to provide a sense of well-being to those we meet.

Inspired by our specially trained animal assisted therapy teams, we strive to ease sadness and spread joy, laughter, comfort and warmth.


Our Story

Pets & People offers pet-assisted therapy visits to people who could use some healing joy in their days. Our carefully screened and certified therapy teams can be found at nursing homes, assisted living and special needs facilities, hospitals, half-way houses, various children’s programs, senior daycare centers, and many other places. 
P&P was the “heartchild” of the late Stanley Wald, of Newton. Stanley believed deeply in “People Therapy through Pets.” Once he got the ball rolling in 1985, Sally Jean Alexander took the baton and mobilized a volunteer force to bring to others the kind of joy that a sweet, calm pet can engender. Her efforts in this regard are honored to this day. Pets & People is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit volunteer organization. Our members share a belief that a visit with a four-footed friend can make a difference in the lives of those we serve. P&P therapy teams work mainly in eastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and southern New Hampshire.


Our Volunteers

Long coat or short coat, tiny or large, bow-wow or meow and everything in between, our volunteers are friendly, calm, and well-behaved. As for our human volunteers, they come from many professions and backgrounds, the commonality being their bonds with their pets and their willingness to share. Pets and humans alike train rigorously and test to ensure they work well as a team and are able to conduct visits in a manner that promotes the comfort and safety of those they visit.

Board Members

The members of our Board of Directors bring to their roles a wide variety of professional skills in addition to their deep commitment to our mission. Each member takes an active role in managing the business of P&P, including web site management, secure document storage, financial analyses and accounting of funds, legal help, content writing for printed and website marketing materials, database development, coordination of member functions, and fundraising. Most board members also volunteer with their pets. ​


"The Best Therapist has fur and four legs"

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