STEP 3: Testing

What to expect on your Test day! 

You’ve done your homework, viewed the Test video and read the Therapy Test to and maybe taken a class to prepare yourself and your pet for success. 


Test is 1/2 hour long and covers all items in the Detailed Therapy Test

Be sure to give yourself ample time to get to the test

Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled test slot

so you and your pet are not rushed

Our evaluator and volunteers will be there to help support you

throughout the test

Good Luck!  


If you pass the test

Congratulations, you and your pet are a Pets & People Team!

* If you do not pass the test, our Evaluator will go over the areas you and your pet specifically need to work on.

Are you and your pet ready to bring joy to others?

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  2. If you are a current or past Pets & People member or wish to re-test with your pet please click here to contact our Director of Volunteers.