This page is in loving memory of Sally Jean Alexander. Sally Jean was a long-term member of the Pets and People Foundation board, and the motivating force for the organization for over 20 years. Sally Jean was also a motivating force behind a variety of other organizations (dog associated and otherwise) in New England. This includes Weston Dog Training Club, ARFF, as well as being an AKC and UKC judge, and many, many other groups.

Her obituary was in the Boston Globe on January 20, 2013.
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Here are some thoughts about Sally Jean Alexander:


Mrs. Sally Jean Alexander was an extraordinary person. When I first met her she seemed very stern, but I soon learned that she was a much disciplined person. Disciplined in everything she did. This was a wonderful attribute of hers that was linked with a true compassion for people. She treated people with respect; with this respect she still showed on emotional side as well. She truly cared! She cared about the people she met and cared for their dog companions very much as well! She always looked out for the welfare of each person and each dog. She dedicated her time with compassion to Pets and People since she loved both.

I truly respected her and grew very, very fond of her over the years. She will truly be missed. It takes a very special person to do all the things she fulfilled in her life. She will never be forgotten and I will always have a special place in my heart for her.


Sally-Jean was a stickler for protocol. However, several years ago we were waiting for members of the board to materialize…they were late and since time was of the essence – SJ picked up my dog, placed her on her lap and proceeded to ask her questions about the items that the board was going to vote on for approval or not. When the other board members finally arrived my dog was still perched in her place and as the meeting progressed she was still questioned by Sally Jean as to her vote. This was true frivolity and not often seen – however, I doubt  that my dog’s vote was carried into the minutes….


I wish that I could do even 1 thing as well as Sally Jean-
She was great mother and foster mom- or so I hear!
She was a wonderful English teacher
She was an excellant professional dog judge
Her work with Pets and People touched so many dogs and people-and made a positive difference in their lives…..
When I think about Sally Jean, I think of the Rainbow Bridge- where it must have been packed and so crowded as she walked across it with all of the dogs that she has guided/ promoted and approved to being therapy dogs-they were all there waiting for her with tails wagging- big smiles on their faces-in back of them is a crowd of people-these are the folks that each of these dogs made happy- providing moments of peace, joy, love and happiness- all of these pets and people are greeting Sally Jean -she is strong and walking without a cane or walker- smiling broadly-happily greeting her dogs, Raymond and many welcoming friends and family….
I wish her love and happiness as I know that she is in heaven…
I miss her wit and wisdom so much!
Also- one funny item– when she was able to do e- mails– I would send her info for the foundation/newsletter and she would send her reply back to me with my information marked in BIG RED LETTERS and underlined-as my English was incorrect-so Sally Jean!