Rainbow Bridge – In Memorium

This page is dedicated to all of the Pets and People dogs and people that are no longer with us. All of the below shared their lives with patients of all kinds. Their presence is sorely missed, but the below is a reminder of their dedication to the Pets and People Foundation.

“The Rainbow Bridge” is a poem about dog owners and the dogs that they have owned meeting in the afterlife. There are many copies and versions of it on the internet, and the author seems to be unknown. Here are a few:


Donations may be made in memory of dogs and volunteers.



Rainbow bridge photo  Lilly the mastiff 2015

Lilly 2015
A sweet soul, that has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Lilly the Therapy Dog would visit folks at a hospital and make everyone smile. She won the hearts of many with her gentle nature.

Here’s to many sandy beaches for you to explore and and oceans to swim in… Rest in Peace Lilly


Huggs at the Library - just the dog ( July 2013) -Huggs Marie 2015
With great sadness we had to say goodbye to one of our Therapy Dogs. Huggs Marie passed away on September 4th due to kidney failure. This 15 year old Westhighland Terrier was a regular at the library listening to children read books . Huggs was often featured on our Facebook page , with her nose in the book , while children told her what was written on the pages. She started to volunteer for Pets & People as a senior aged dog, but age did not stop her. She made over sixty visits and loved her work. Run free dear sweet girl, we will miss you.

tati and captainCaptain Th.D.X. 2015
With great sadness we have to say goodbye to Captain, Th.D.X , an extraordinarily special dog. Captain was a great friend, loved people and was tailored made for therapy dog. Over the past 11 years, this handsome Standard Poodle made over 450 pet therapy visits to the Neville Center. Captain was a regular at Christmas in the City, Boston and a few stress relief events at local colleges. Good bye dear friend and thank you for making so many people smile


BuddyLoveBuddy Love Th.D.X. 2001-2015
On January 30th, 2015, we had to say goodbye to Buddy Love, a most special volunteer. Buddy was brought to Massachusetts through Save A Dog, and adopted by his family in the fall 2001. He has been a faithful friend and wonderful Therapy dog. He made his last Therapy Dog visit January 21st 2015 and delighted so many with his big bushy tail. Buddy Love Th.D.X made 550 Pet Therapy visits to various locations. He loved everyone he met and warmed the hearts of many. Buddy was used as one of the orientation “demo” dogs for Pets & People Foundation, he volunteered as a Hospice Dog, with Life Choice Hospice, warmed the hearts of folks at Emerson Hospital, loved the kids at the Acton Discovery Museum , but he especially loved his weekly morning visits to the Inn at Robbins Brook. Buddy volunteered for almost 12 years and loved his job as a Therapy Dog. Rest in Peace dear sweet friend and thank you for your endless love.

Sumo Th.C. 2015
We bid farewell to a beautiful Ragdoll Cat, Sumo. He came from very humble origins as a Barn kitten. His beauty and gentle demeanor was so special that his family decided to show him in Cat Fancier Association sponsored shows and he quickly earned his Master Grand Champion title (Household Pet category), under the formal name of Aidan’s Blue Suede Shoes. But more importantly, he also earned his Certified Therapy Cat status from the Pets and People Foundation. Sumo was a delight and lived to almost twenty. He will be remembered by many. Rest in Peace dear sweet one.

Ava reading to Bliss - Feb 2013 #2
Bliss Th.D.X. 1999-2014
With great sadness we had to say good bye to “ Bliss” Ch. L’Ete Cadaga Ecstacy CGC, THDX (July 3, 1999 – December 19, 2014). This beautiful Papillion volunteered up to her last days, and she will be very much missed by many. Deepest Sympathy and Rest in Peace dear sweet Bliss.







Zepp - rainbow bridge photo 2014

Zepp 2003-2014
With great sadness in our hearts we have to say good bye to a dear sweet friend. Zepp, the Weimaraner and Therapy Dog has now crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. Zepp started his career with Pets & People late 2010 and with in a very short time he had lots of new friends that loved his visits. Zepp will be missed by many and all of us at Pets & People Foundation send our deepest sympathy.








Tootsie Th.D.X. 1999-2014

t on bed
I wanted to let you know that our beloved Tootsie died last Sunday at 15
and a half. She was very active and healthy until her last few days and
died peacefully surrounded by love. P&P meant so much to both of us. We had a lot of interesting experiences together, like being the only non-family members invited to the 100th
birthday party of a person we visited in the nursing home








Broodie Th.D.X. 2000-2014

Broodie November - Rainbow bridge pic
With great sadness we have to say goodbye to dear sweet Broodie. She lost her battle with Lymphoma and we send our deepest condolences to Broodie and her family. This 13 1/2 year old Retired Racing Greyhound started her career as a Therapy Dog in October 2011. She made over 63 visits as a Pets & People Foundation volunteer. Rest in Peace dear girl.









Sugar Th.D.X. 1999-2014

We are sad to say good bye to Sugar the 14 1/2 year old Papillion . Sugar made 264 visits to his special friends at an assisted living. We will miss this fun loving little fellow that made so many people smile. Rest in Peace dear sweet Sugar and thank you for sharing your joy to so many.










Mattie 1/01/2004 – 3/17/2014

MattieBoston - close up of vest
Mattie the Golden Retriever was meant to work. She started her career as a Search and Rescue dog but after her retirement she needed to do something else. On December 17, 2011, Mattie passed the Pets & People Foundation Pet Therapy test. She made her debut on February 6, 2012 and she was an instant hit. This special dog could work a room like a pro. She knew how to count – a very cute trick that she and her handler, Vic would do together. It brought the house down. After the Marathon bombings, Mattie was one of the Pets & People Therapy dogs that was at the memorial and brought a little puppy love to so many.









Ch. L’Ete Compelling Reason – “Reason” CGC, RN, CD, Th.D.X 1998-2013

Reason - Rainbow bridge pic #2
This 15-year old Papillion was a very dedicated volunteer and loved to sit on someone’s lap for a little bit of loving. Our deepest Sympathy goes out to Reason’s family and friends. Rest in Peace










Mackenzie Th.D.X. –  2002-2013 – Over 200 Visits 


We are so sad to have to say goodbye to our dear sweet Mackenzie. Mackenzie made over two hundred pet therapy visits. For several years, Mackenzie was a regular visitor as a hospital volunteer. He later became a favorite at a local library. Mackenzie loved his time with the children and everyone loved Mackenzie. RIP to a dear friend that will be forever missed.









Chance Th.D.X. –  1998-2013 

Chance - 1998 -2013

 Chaucer Th.D. – (Rescue Greyhound) 2007-2013 – 32 visits

ChaucerGreyhound - rainbow bridge photo - 8.2.2013



Zinnia 1997-2013
zinnia - 1997 - 2013


Jacques Th.D.X – 1998-2013 – 170+ Visits


Bubba Th.D.X. – 2010-2013 – 70+ Visits 
Bubba and Boy in hospital

Cyrus Th.D.X- 1998-2011


Cutie Pie – DONATION – 2007-2010 – She is running like the wind once again. Her body is whole, without cancer. I am thankful that I had the privilege to take care of her and know her. She took a piece of my heart with her.


Jetty, Portuguese Water Dog, has been a volunteer with Pets &
People since 2007. Jetty recently lost his battle to Cancer .
Pets & People will miss a handsome, caring dog that touched the
lives of many.


Dixie Th.D.X – 1996 – 2008 – 80+ Visits


Rowan Th.D.X – 1993 – 2004 – 150+ Visits