The Pets and People Marketplace

It’s the Pets & People Gear Marketplace where you will find a selection of items (tote bag, fleece vests, fleece blanket, caps or T shirts and more)  personalized with our very distinctive and mission delivering logo.   Now, as we visit hospitals, schools, residence homes and the many other venues that Pets & People services, our therapy pets will not be the only ones proudly displaying Pets & People logo.  We can too!

Please visit to view the roll-out offering and let your fingers do the ordering.  (See images of available items below)

Why did we take this direction?  Two simple reasons, the branding is a nice way for Pets & People to enhance the visibility our very special foundation, our brand, our work and our mission, and it directly benefits Pets & People Foundation by way of a percentage of the sale on every purchase.

Really, it is a look great and feel great opportunity.  

The initial offering includes those items that we thought you would want most.  Over time, we can add more choices so if you have any ideas about new items or should you encounter any technical issues when ordering, please email  

For now, please hurry on over to

and start wearing your Pets & People Gear proudly!

(Click on the name of the items to go directly to the ordering page)

BaseballCap PoloShirts
Baseball Cap Polo Shirts
TShirts Sweatshirt
T-Shirts Sweatshirts
ToteBag FleeceBlanket
Tote Bags Fleece Blankets
 FleeceJacket FleeceVest
 Fleece Jackets Fleece Vests