Previous LolliPop Memorial Award Winners

2014 Nancy Thompson & Lexi ThDX – Nancy has completed over 500 visits with her Rough Coated Collie Lexi. She has also been managing many of the information requests received via phone and email, and has assisted in updating some of the frequently asked questions on our website.

2013 Geoff Patton & Lilah ThDX – Geoff has been a board member for several years, and is currently our events and fundraising coordinator, as well as helping with orientations and placements. He and his family have done many therapy visits with their dog Lilah.

2012 Martha McCown & Greta ThD & Sophie – Martha has been supporting the Pets and People Foundation by managing our information hotline/email address, managing our Facebook page, helping with placements, and visiting several locations with her two rescue dogs Sophie and Greta.

2011 Evelyn Berthrong & Diva ThDX & Puccini ThD – Evelyn has been on the Pets and People Board for many years. She has faithfully coordinated our twice yearly newsletter. She currently visits Brigham and Women’s Hospital with Diva, and her previous therapy dog Puccini.

2010 Arlyne Koopmann & Cyrus ThDX & Donnie ThD – Arlyne is a longstanding Pets and People board member and coordinates the volunteer orientations with her dogs Donnie, Daisy Mae and Oliver.

2009 Tom Roberts & Colima ThDX & CH Chips ThDX– Tom is a dedicated Pets and People Volunteer who has taken several of his Chesapeake Bay Retrievers to several different facilities including Chip and Colima. Colima alone completed over 200 visits!

2008 Holly Stump & CH Lula ThDX– Holly has served on the Pets and People board, been our webmaster, public relations director, and designed our brochures and business cards.

2007 Christine Macdonald & Buddy Love, ThDX & Juliette– Christine serves as the Club’s secretary and administrative assistant. She works diligently to personally notify all volunteers to help us keep our records up to date.

2006 Joel Wolff & Rowan ThDX & Dixie ThDX – Joel joined the Pets & People Foundation when the Somerville-Cambridge Elderly Services pet therapy volunteer group folded. He has chaired our participation in the Christmas in the City event since its inception, and helps us set up and take down our PR booth at the Bay Colony Dog Show annually. Joel currently serves as board president.

2005 Debbi Baker & Molly ThDX, plus many others – Debbi has provided companion animal therapy to clients for over 30 years. One of her most notable and heartfelt efforts occurred the evening of the terrible nightclub fire that killed 100 people in Providence, RI in February 2003 when she took her toy poodle “Molly” there to comfort people waiting to hear if their loved ones had been identified or not.

2004 Kate Gomperts – Kate faithfully creates colorful quilts, all with dog motifs, which Pets & People raffles off annually at our Bay Colony PR booth.

2003 Sue Winters & Summer ThDX – Sue not only attended her assigned facility, she also ran orientation sessions for new volunteers who couldn’t attend week-end sessions and placed many volunteers in facilities throughout Southeast MA.

2002 “Deucie” Batchelder ThDX – Departing from our traditional approach, we awarded the Lollipop Trophy in memoriam, to a very special dog named Deucie, because of the many lives she enriched with her unselfish willingness to make everyone she visited feel really special. Deucie made an incredible 3,875 daily visits to various nursing homes–a “forever dog” to all who knew her!

2001 Kathy Stewart & Darby ThDX & Yogi ThDX & Bear ThDX – Kathy always visits her chosen nursing home with her Rescue Labs, and has helped us install volunteers throughout Northeastern MA. She chairs our PR information booth at the Bay Colony set of dog shows in December.

2000 Rita Lancaster & Chelsea & Pepper ThDX – Rita represents that group of P&P volunteers committed to the life of service. The friendships they formed with their clients visited over the years were so strong that when they lost their first P&P dog, they continued her visits without a dog until a new dog could be found and trained.

1999 Jo-Edith Heffron & Holly & Lindsey ThDX & Narla ThDX & VI ThD – Jo-Edith has been steadily involved with pet therapy visits 3-4 times a month since 1987.

1998 Sue Hollingsworth & Rufus – Sue, an original board member, has been extremely generous with Pets and People over the years. Her grants via the Hunt Foundation paid for our insurance and annual dinners for years.

1997 Sally Jean Alexander & Demitasse UD ThDX & Tomodachi ThD – Sally Jean became our Volunteer Program Coordinator in 1993 and has been a member of the board for over 20 years.

1996 Dottie Watrin & Sammy ThDX & Jesse ThDX – Dottie was our first Volunteer Program Coordinator and still helps with orientations.

1995 Ann Batchelder & Deucie ThDX – Ann’s phenomenal number of daily visits with her beloved Deucie (who later became the 2002 winner in memoriam) will likely never be matched!