We would like to thank all of the following people and organizations for their support.

January 2013:

Massachusetts General Hospital – in memory of Sally Jean Alexander

December 2012: –
Nancy Rowe – in memory of Cutie Pie
Barry Wald – Stanley Wald Scholarship fund
Ann Batchelder – in memory of Sally Jean Alexander
Joel Wolff – in memory of Sally Jean Alexander
Froelich Foundation – Unrestricted grant


August 2012 – Donation received in honor of Ann (human) and Sandie (dog) Batchelder for their work in pet therapy.

2012 – Timothy Holley, Elizabeth Wald, and Joel Wolff for redesigning the website.

Ongoing – Especially for Pets – who supports us financially and allows us to use their facilities on a regular basis.

2008 – Thank you to New England Biolabs in Ipswich, MA, Peter Martin, Holly Stump and Stephen Huneck (Stephen Huneck Gallery and Dog Mountain) for helping us build a new display booth. We were very sorry to hear of Stephen Huneck’s passing in 2010.